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Utilizing a Canada Electronic Funds Transfer

Canada Electronic Funds Transfer is easiest and most cost effective solution to managing Canadian ACH, allowing businesses based in Canada to debit checking accounts for one-time or recurring payments.

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Payment Aggregation

Becoming a Payment Facilitator, Payment Service Provider [PSP] or Payment Aggregator.

In Payment Aggregation, being a Payment Facilitator can be thought of as being a Master Merchant, facilitating credit and debit card transactions for sub-merchants..

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So You Want To Be a Payfac? The Number One Question You MUST Ask

So you want to be a PayFac? The 1 question you must answer

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4 Common Payment Obstacles Facing the SaaS Industry


The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies/startups have popped up all around the world. They are bringing value to people’s lives simply through the product and that has become a true hallmark of modern times.

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The amazing growth of Fintech


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Saas Payment Processing: Two Powerful Ways to Create Massive Profit Growth

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes

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SaaS Payment Processing: What are your options?

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications payment needs typically need a shopping cart / payment checkout or the ability to manage recurring or subscription payments. Both present challenges and opportunities for the SaaS platform but our focus will..

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Google Searches For ‘How To Write A Check’ Are Soaring

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NCR Platform Takes ATM Ecosystem To The Cloud

It’s time to cut the cord on ATMs and move them to the cloud.

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Why Square’s Greatest Ambition Has Become Its Biggest Threat

From  By KAREN WEBSTER , CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

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No Credit Card? No Problem, Say Millennials

Original post on PYMNTS.Com

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Intel Pushes Payments Into The Internet Of Things

Ingenico and Intel have partnered to build mobile payment capabilities into a wide array of connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) — including intelligent vending machines, kiosks and digital signage, the companies announced at the..

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This Israeli Startup Just Leapfrogged Everyone with Apple Watch Payments

24me, an elegant “personal organizer” app built in Israel, has quietly figured out how to facilitate payments via Apple Watch.

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The Seven Steps to Cost Savings

Back in 2011, the U.S. Department of Treasury mandated the implementation of electronic invoicing in support of President Barack Obama’s campaign to cut waste. In the case of the federal government, this executive order reduced the cost of invoicing..

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Expert Interview Series: founder and Payment Gateway inventor, Jeff Knowles

Payment Gateways play an integral role in facilitating ecommerce. Without the creation of a secure method for moving sensitive data the ability to conduct non face to face commerce could not have happened. Today there are many gateway providers..

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Top 5 Must Haves Before Integrating with a Payment Gateway

Top 5 must haves before integrating with any Payment Gateway.

The #1 MUST HAVE is probably the least thought about decision making criteria yet arguably the most important.

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Data Hostaging in Payment Processing

Data Hostaging in the Payment Processing World.

You may have heard of someone’s computer being hijacked with messaging demanding they pay for alleged wrong doings or to be able to get important data back. Typically referred to as Ransomware, this malware..

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Why Mobile Payments Aren’t Working and How to Fix It

If you are an Old School fan, and really who isn't ? - you know the scene I am talking about: Will Farrell naked, and standing in the middle of the street saying to his wife “Everybody’s doing it”

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How Using Payments Processing Using ACH Can Help Your Business

From a previous post we have already covered exactly what an ACH is and the raw flow between a business and the banks. So what is Processing of ACH Payments? First let's quickly re-examine the role the banks play; specifically as it relates to..

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SaaS Gets Its Business Groove On

In the course of a few years, cloud computing has moved from the fringe to the norm for businesses looking to make their operations more efficient. IDG Enterprise’s 2014 Cloud Computing Survey found that the majority of businesses today (69 percent) are..

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Obama's visit to Silicon Valley a big win for Apple Pay

President Barack Obama arrived in Silicon Valley bearing a gift for Tim Cook: a seal of approval for Apple Pay.

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