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Understanding the Benefits of Hybrid Payment Aggregation

The decision to become a Payment Aggregator or Payment Facilitator (Payfac) has massive implications for a SaaS application provider.

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Payment Aggregation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

For the SaaS provider, the potential advantages of becoming a Payment Aggregator can be compelling. The Payment Aggregator model can seem very attractive, both for ease of onboarding and potential revenue generation.

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Why the Payment Aggregator Business Model is Compelling

Payment Aggregation, or Payment Facilitation (Payfac), allows a SaaS company to act as a master merchant for its users. The SaaS provider onboards its clients via a fairly non-intrusive application process, and this easy, fast onboarding makes it..

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Payment Aggregation

Becoming a Payment Facilitator, Payment Service Provider [PSP] or Payment Aggregator.

In Payment Aggregation, being a Payment Facilitator can be thought of as being a Master Merchant, facilitating credit and debit card transactions for sub-merchants..

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The ACH Payment Aggregator Debate: Why Your Business Should Consider a Partnership

For a business owner, selecting the best and most cost-effective method of accepting customer payments can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly as the range of payment options continues to grow.

A payment aggregation solution offers a platform..

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Checklist for Finding the Best Payment Aggregation Partner

The number of SaaS companies looking into payment processing on behalf of their customers is growing rapidly. More and more companies are looking at Payment Aggregation | Payment Facilitation as an attractive option to provide a service that offers..

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5 Things You Must Have To Become A Payment Aggregator in 2019

Payment aggregation or payment facilitation allows one entity, or master merchant, to process or facilitate payments on behalf of sub merchants.

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Payment Facilitation and Property Management SaaS applications


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Why WePay is Wrong About PayFac ROI

Recently, PYMNTS, a leading payments and commerce industry news site published a piece on PayFacs based on an interview with WePay co-founder Richard Aberman.

Hyperbole aside, we want to examine Mr. Aberman’s view and provide some balance to the..

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So You Want To Be a Payfac? The Number One Question You MUST Ask

So you want to be a PayFac? The 1 question you must answer

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Is Frictionless Onboarding Worth the Risk?

If you’ve considered becoming a Payment Facilitator (PayFac) for your SaaS customer base, you’re familiar with the term “KYC,” or Know Your Customer. As the payment processing industry continues its trend of explosive growth, however, KYC might be..

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Agile Payments Interview with Online Contract Platform Founder David Jay


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ACH Aggregation Options for the SaaS Platform Provider

Payment Aggregation, or Payment Facilitation (Payfac) offers SaaS companies the ability to provide another layer of service to their users by acting as a Master Merchant for ACH payment processing. For tech-savvy SaaS platforms that have the resources..

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