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What is a Merchant Account?

Companies with a need to accept credit cards or debit cards require a Merchant Account. Sometimes the term Merchant Account gets confused with Payment Gateway. They are separate components to accepting cards, but are often provided in a bundled..

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SaaS Gets Its Business Groove On

In the course of a few years, cloud computing has moved from the fringe to the norm for businesses looking to make their operations more efficient. IDG Enterprise’s 2014 Cloud Computing Survey found that the majority of businesses today (69 percent) are..

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SaaS Development IT News

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What is an ACH?

Is your mind stuck in the credit card only world? ACH payments can be one awesome solution for many organizations needs.

It's a payment vehicle. Paper money and credit cards are also payment vehicles. Some might say PayPal is a payment vehicle also, but..

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User-Definable Reporting

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