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Canadian EFT - API Integration

Many organizations are stuck in the world of managing their Canada EFT transactions by way of file submission. In some cases using antiquated windows software that is limited at best in ongoing maintenance. Fortunately there are Canadian EFT API..

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Canada Electronic Funds Transfer

Canada Electronic Funds Transfer processing options are scarce compared to the ACH processing providers available in the United States. Options are limited because of the small number of banks that run the payments sphere. This makes it difficult to..

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Where are the ACH API Providers?

ACH API Providers are organizations that provide an API for the purpose of integrating a software application to originate and manage ACH transactions. 

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Why an ACH Processing API? 2019 Guide

For software applications that have an end-user base in a subscription model or include recurring transactions, an ACH Processing API is a must. Sure, few of these SaaS applications would want to discount the use of credit card processing because it's..

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What are your eCheck API requirements for 2019?

If you're part of a SaaS dev team or a stakeholder and have determined that your application has a need for an eCheck API, have you defined your requirements?

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ACH Payment API Requirement Considerations for 2019

Many software applications have a need to accept payments, and many require the need to integrate payments functionality via an API. For some of these application organizations, integrating to a credit card API isn't enough and have a need to..

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So You Need an ACH Transfer API - 2019

What is an ACH Transfer API, anyway? Quite simply, it's an API that provides the ability for a software application to integrate ACH processing capabilities for the purpose of providing the application to originate, manage and report on the transfer..

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ACH API Provider 2019, what is needed?

If your organization is looking to integrate ACH payment processing, you likely have compiled a list of what your requirements are that are needed from the ACH API Provider. Integrating organizations can differ greatly in their needs, so be sure to..

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ACH Processing API 2019

An ACH Processing API transforms a software application into becoming an eCheck payment processing and management platform. Whether for the purpose of managing and distributing payroll, or collecting funds for customer subscriptions, integrating for..

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Considering an ACH Payments API in 2019

Software organizations that serve a customer base having recurring payments can better position themselves by integrating to an ACH Payments API. There are many reasons this is true, but the underlying fact that allows this is that these type..

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The Search for an API for ACH Payments 2019

Organizations who serve a customer base that is of a recurring of subscription nature will at one time or another seek out an API for ACH Payments. It is these types of applications that benefit greatly from ACH transactions.

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Recurring ACH API 2019

Recurring ACH API For SAAS Platforms

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ACH Transfer API - 2019 Guide

How can an ACH Transfer API help your business or SaaS?

An ACH Transfer API provides an additional payment option: Using the ACH network allows a business to debit or credit checking and savings accounts.

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Does an ACH Integration Make Sense?

Some applications are more favorably aligned with acceptance of eCheck (ACH) transactions than others. Applications that are proprietary and align themselves well with eCheck acceptance and only support their business can often start out with using an..

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P2P Payment Apps and Challenges

We receive regular inquiries from start-ups as well as established businesses that believe they have a killer app that can be the next Venmo or Zelle.

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ACH Payment Gateway API

While the ACH network is still a batch network, utilizing an ACH Payment Gateway API can do wonders for software applications in enhancing their capabilities by communicating with a real-time communication integration. Let's examine some of the modern..

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Payment Gateway Integration API

SAAS platforms and developers have a bad habit of choosing their payment gateway integration partner[s] without considering partner’s potential to actually help grow their business.

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The Single Most Important Benefit of ACH Integration for SaaS with Recurring Payments

Lower processing fees

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What does a successful ACH integration look like?

While a successful ACH API integration largely depends on the business and their requirements itself, there are a few things that cross the requirement boundaries and apply to most all ACH integration needs.

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