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Top 5 Things To Look For In Your Payment Facilitation as a Service Provider Search

Jan 21, 2020 8:23:04 AM

Top 5 Things to look for in your Payment Facilitation as a Service Provider Search

Payment Facilitation as a Service Top 5

1-You feel confident that Payment Facilitation as a Service is the right fit for your platform. This primarily comes down to the ONE question: Do you have to have instant onboarding of payment clients? That is does removing the friction of any delays provide a competitive advantage to boarding that client

2-You understand the platforms role and responsibilities around risk and compliance as well as technology

3-The revenue share is fair. Likely you will start anywhere from 35-50%+ rev share. Remember you are leveraging a platform that has tremendous costs. Not just the tech stack but compliance and risk mitigation. Expecting the vast majority is not particularly reasonable. Where you land will be a function of potential payments volume

4-Your Payment Facilitation partner has a plan to help with user payment usage adoption. This is by far the single most important driver to financial success. Having a solution for payments is irrelevant. If no one uses that solution your work and effort was wasted

5-Support for your end users has been discussed and you are confident that they will receive prompt, courteous service

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