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Top 10 Things to Look For In An ACH API

Jun 3, 2020 1:15:37 PM

An ACH API integration enables a business or SaaS platform to automate ACH API IntegrationACH
payment processing and reconciliation. Any business that accepts recurring payments should leverage the ACH network for 2 compelling reasons:

1-Payment fee savings that can be 90%+ more economical than credit cards

2-Substantially reduced payment decline rate. Typically 2% or less for ACH versus 10%+ on credit cards.

So what do you want to see from your ACH API provider?

Here are our Top 10:


1-A RESTful API that allows for webhooks and callbacks. Voids, refunds, recurring payment scheduling and more should be available

2-Rapid Sandbox environment with developer support included at no cost

3-Tokenization of ACH account numbers for data security

4-Support for both US ACH and Canadian EFT processing

5-Automated NSF recollect capabilities

6-Automated NOC (Notice of Change) handling

7-ACH and credit card processing via single API

8-Strategic guidance in both the integration process as well as end user adoption of the ACH payment option

9-Integrated checking account authentication tools

10-Revenue share with payment partner

At AgilePayments we offer all the above and more. Contact us today to see how you can grow your business with strategic ACH integration

Top 10 Things to Look For In An ACH API










Wayne Akey
Written by Wayne Akey

Wayne Akey works collaboratively with SAAS providers whose clients have recurring billing needs to create innovative payment solutions and new revenue streams. He has partnered with dozens of software providers to create integrated payment solutions that solve recurring billing problems and generate significant recurring revenue. He has experience in: ACH Processing | Payment Partnerships | Payment Gateway Integration | Credit Card Decline Mitigation | Payment Aggregation. Wayne is the author of “Explode SAAS Revenue by 84%: A Guide to Geometric Growth using Integrated Payment Processing”. To learn how your software application can become a billing solution for your users as well as generate additional revenue streams, contact Wayne today at We guarantee you will learn how to improve revenue per client by at least 10% or we will donate $500 to the charity of your choice.

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