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Text Payment Solutions: 7 Things to look for from your Text to Pay Provider

Jan 9, 2020 1:20:05 PM

Text payment solutions offer businesses a fantastic tool for automating payment and especially late payment collection.

The business is able to define rule sets and workflows that create custom late payment collection plans. Text Payment Providers

For example: 

Step 1-When customer payment is 3 days late initiate the first text message. That text contains a link to a secure mini-site where the customer sees their name, amount due, customer # etc pre-filled. They enter debit, credit card or ACH info and payment is taken.

Step 2-If payment is still late after 7 days initiate text payment outreach #2.

There can be as many steps as the business wants to implement.

Reporting is provided for the business to reconcile text payments.

Here are 7 things to look for in your Text Payment Provider:

  1. No code, self-service: Set up your message content, reply logic, fail-over settings and gateway integration without the need for any code. This gives the business control over their flows  Workflow design is simple and infinitely customizable
  2. PCI Compliance: Payments by Text |SMS are not usually a PCI compliant route. Send trackable links to custom microsites that will securely collect card details via browsers; delivering your customers a secure, rich, branded and PCI compliant experience.
  3. Stored Payment Method via tokens: For recurring payment customers, the ability to offer stored credit card details provides a more elegant and customer-friendly experience.
  4. Fail-overs: Liive voice or email options if Text Payment delivery fails or if payment fails. Text to Pay is an extremely effective way to reach your customers and delivery rates are high, but SMS delivery simply can’t be guaranteed. 
  5. 2-way SMS: Set up automated SMS replies based on chosen keywords, allowing customers to respond for more information or speak to an agent.
  6. Network quality: Chose a Text to Pay partner with a quality carrier partner. A poor connection can ruin the customer experience
  7. Global Number Purchase: Purchase numbers in the locations where your customers are located. 

7 things to look textpay


Wayne Akey
Written by Wayne Akey

Wayne Akey works collaboratively with SAAS providers whose clients have recurring billing needs to create innovative payment solutions and new revenue streams. He has partnered with dozens of software providers to create integrated payment solutions that solve recurring billing problems and generate significant recurring revenue. He has experience in: ACH Processing | Payment Partnerships | Payment Gateway Integration | Credit Card Decline Mitigation | Payment Aggregation. Wayne is the author of “Explode SAAS Revenue by 84%: A Guide to Geometric Growth using Integrated Payment Processing”. To learn how your software application can become a billing solution for your users as well as generate additional revenue streams, contact Wayne today at We guarantee you will learn how to improve revenue per client by at least 10% or we will donate $500 to the charity of your choice.

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