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SMS Payments For Storage Facilities

Mar 20, 2020 2:08:34 PM

SMS Payments For Storage Facilities

SMS Payments For Storage Facilities allow businesses to accept payments via cell phone, and text customers with payment reminders. SMS Payment Solutions boast an impressive 98% open rate and 95% read rates, and more than 3/4 of Americans use text messaging, so why isn’t your business using texting as a paperless payment channel!. Any business dealing with late payment collection should consider a pay via text message solution. 

Almost 80% of consumers expect national brand service leves from their local service provider counterparts, making an electronic payments system that handles credit cards/ACH payments an absolute necessity in 2020. Short messaging service (SMS) solutions are a great way for your Storage Facility to offer a simple, effective customer service option.

How Do SMS Payments For Waste Management Work?

  1. Contact to get started with an SMS payments solution.
  2. Your customers opt-in to receive a text message containing information (e.g. current balance and due date), and decide whether they want to receive pay by text messages or simply bill payment/late payment text reminders.
  3. When current charges come due, a text message is sent to all clients opted-in to the payment channel, and customers wanting to pay an invoice via text do so with their phone.
  4. Typically a customer making a payment is either directed to a secure payment page to enter relevant data [eg credit card or ACH], or the payment can be made using securely stored payment data (if the customer has a payment account associated with their text to pay account).
  5. Following their payment customers and businesses receive a receipt notification. 

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of fast, simply payments and your business will benefit from fewer delinquencies and shortened payment days outstanding.

Coleman Akey
Written by Coleman Akey

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