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How To Sell Your SaaS With Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Feb 2, 2016 2:43:47 PM

Increase SasS sales in 2016 with new web-base marketing techniques. Embrace the intimate audience social media brings as you continue to expand your customer base in the coming years. The world has moved online and you should make your name known. One key technique to facilitate this growth is incorporating an Influencer.

The most effective advertising is word of mouth. Though the medium changed, this maxim still holds true. Instead of having to meet in person for conversation, sentiments are exchanged on myriad social platforms from an almost countless number of sources. Likes, shares, and upvotes replaced chatting around the water cooler.

An Influencer is one who not only participates in these virtual conversations, they drive them. An Influencer is respected as one that generates opinion or draws attention to it, possibly affecting the lives of thousands if not millions. The size is immense and quantifiable in today's world of instantaneous communication on almost every device.

Finding an Influencer to promote your SaaS creates the possibility of newer customers while further solidifying your online presence. As with every marketing campaign, many variables must be taken into consideration before moving forward. In this case, you aren't just be purchasing an endorsement, you're partnering with a personality. Take the time to consider the image you wish to present and research any Influencers that may fit the order. A mismatched partnership could alienate your current clientele and confuse possible new customers.

Budget considerations and a more refined search come into play next, narrowing down the candidates for a suitable Influencer. The proper choice will both engage existing and draw in new customers, growing your business as their own internet presence expands. They will also be easy to vet as visibility is a requirement to be a successful Internet personality.

Approaching your selected Influencer also requires a newer tact; connect with them on their own channels. This act alone has the added benefit of further market reach as a properly matched Influencer will most likely have existing followers that are open to your SaaS. Internet celebrities turned reaction videos and commenting into the new coin of the realm . Following are 10 tips for finding the right one to promote your product and boost your SaaS sales immensely in 2016!

10 Tips Saas influencer Marketing Infographic

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