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Where employees spend their time on the Web

Mar 23, 2015 8:15:30 AM

Where-employees-spend-their-time-on-the-WebAt a glance, Liam McIvor Martin has provided the world with some critical information about how and where employees spend their time on the Web. Keep in mind that the keyword is ‘employees’. What it may indicate is that the most used website (Google Docs) and the most used app (Skype) are tools that people use to communicate fast and effectively. They’re also free, and that’s good. These are tools that are not likely to be replaced because they’re basic without all the bells and whistles that can distract a person.

Liam hits the nail on the head. Basecamp is a strong tool for keeping track of projects and timelines. Facebook dominates 78% of the average user’s social media time. That’s critical information for marketers, large or small. However, people are still struggling to find ways to leverage Facebook for their marketing efforts. Self-Control is an interesting tool! It’s a powerful application that’s only available for Mac users. It’s useful to those who want to find a way to eliminate distractions on their own terms. Liam mentions an up-and-comer, and it has every indication of being a winner. It’s competing for Skype customers and is presently a paid platform. His plans are to provide a future update of

There’s no data to suggest that remote employees have a more difficult time remaining focused on the task at hand. Remote employees may actually have fewer distractions. As for productivity, there’s a ton of data available about how to keep employees happy. Much of it centers on creating an atmosphere where employees will feel productive. Keeping them involved is also a way to spur productivity. Workers who feel valued are usually willing to go the extra mile. Employees who feel appreciated are more productive. Productivity is valuable for any business’s bottom line.

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