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Using Gaming Software to Motivate Sales People

May 3, 2015 9:00:17 AM

Using Gaming Software to Motivate Sales PeopleJeremey Boudinet likely touches on a subject that not every business professional is aware of: gaming software. Gaming software turns the tough job of inside sales into a game that tracks and rewards their performance on a dashboard that displays real-time metrics. These metrics include calls made, leads generated and emails opened. The industry is always looking for something to motivate inside sales people. Gaming software looks to be a winner.

The software can be tailored to track any metric the client wants. An “Ambition” score is aggregated for the desired metric. If an employee reaches the score of 100, they’ve nailed every metric possible. This type of gaming software speaks to the fact that employees aren’t just motivated by money. Recognition and competition have the ability to move the needle.

There are still challenges ahead for players in this industry vertical, like convincing the old-school sales leaders who prefer a white board and gongs when sales goals are reached. However, the world is changing, and companies that don’t embrace the future are likely to be left behind by those that do. Startups move fast. The big players are always watching and waiting to engulf a startup or mimic its technology. That’s just the way of the world.

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