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Use New Technology to Keep Your Leads From Going Cold

May 12, 2015 8:04:59 AM

Use New Technology to Keep Your Leads From Going ColdChad Burmeister takes a sledge hammer to the nail with information that reminds us that up to 70 percent or more of a company’s inbound leads are lost because sales reps aren’t able to pick up the phone and respond to leads. On average, it takes a rep 46 hours to call back. The rep who does call back will only make 1.3 attempts to reach the lead.

After the final attempt, the lead is considered to be cold. Email responses fair no better. Others studies indicate that responding within five minutes means that you’re 100 times more likely to reach the caller. They’re also 21 more times likely to become a lead. When you tally up the numbers in this manner, it’s easy to see how important it is to have an effective response system in place. The amount of business that can be lost as a result is unimaginable.

ConnectAndSell offers new technology and a response system that’s guaranteed to call a prospect back within five minutes. The outbound calls will persist until the customer is reached. Customers who use the ConnectAndSell are given the option to determine what they want their “touch” strategy to be. This is the type of service that every company should consider.

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