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Understanding the Changes Needed for Performance Management

Apr 27, 2015 10:05:02 AM

Understanding the Changes Needed for Performance ManagementMathew French weighs in on how the need for performance management is changing the face of how Human Resources departments must operate. In reality, there has to be a change. For many managers, the perception of HR is that it operates largely as an administration function. It handles payroll, benefits, processing employees in and out of the company etc. In so many words, HR is a necessary evil. For employees, the perception of HR is that, either direct or vicariously, once HR is gets involved with any issue the solution will not be in favor of the employee.

Performance management, in today’s world, means that HR departments will be better able to support next generation practices. Many HR departments are running outdated systems, sometimes as many as 10 in single office. The old systems have failed because people have changed. Employees have a different standard of how they want to approach a work-life balance.

Technology has changed along with how people respond to it. People’s relationships with managers and fellow employees have also changed. There is a growing, and necessary drive, to create a better work environment for employees. A better work environment is necessary to tap into the creative factors that inspire greater productivity.

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