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Think You Don't Need to Update Your Security?

Apr 30, 2015 8:33:20 AM

Think You Don't Need to Update Your Security ?Fear and ignorance are a dangerous combination. Dave Lewis recalls his days working for companies in the IT industry, along with his exploits of being a vendor. During the entire period, he kept a journal of projects he worked on and IT challenges he overcame. One particular project came to mind, in which he shared that a company’s inability to implement a particular security solution was traced back to a single individual’s fear that it would fail.

He recalls other times when the subject of web security was brought up. Time and again the answer was, “No one wants to hack us. “ That would be the equivalent of embarking on a vacation, leaving the front door open to your home, and reassuring the family that no one wants to rob us. No one wanting to hack the company is a tough sell for a true IT professional who knows the ropes.

It happens all too often, to businesses both large and small. The next phase is that of denial where no one wants to take responsibility for the security breach that almost took the company down. The goal of any company should be to learn from the mistakes of others. There’s certainly no shortage of them.

Read Dave's full post on CSOOnline.

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