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SaaS Marketing

Apr 10, 2015 8:06:48 AM

different saas marketing agile postAlex Cohen drives home the difference between SaaS marketing and other forms of offline and online marketing. Marketing has always been about the product and satisfying the customer’s needs. However, SaaS marketing deals with a whole new set of complex variables. Among the most important variables is trust. Can customers trust both the product and the company whose job it is to keep them safe?

More than ever, customers see the product and the company as one. Companies want to know if you can protect their data and if additional support will be there throughout the lifetime of the purchase. You might think that’s not a new requirement. When it comes to companies that provide data-breach protection services, it just might be.

So, selling data protection services has to be about educating clients on a completely different level. Marketing has always been about acquiring new customers, and it still is. The only thing is that marketing and meeting the needs of existing SaaS customers is less expensive than finding new customers. That’s not to say that marketing efforts to obtain new clients should wane. It’s just that your present customers and their satisfaction is a good platform from which to convince new customers to jump on board.

It goes back to the idea that customer service is king. The companies that make their clients feel appreciated and satisfied are the companies that will continue to keep their present client base and win over new customers. Outstanding service, which builds trust, is what will keep your customers from going anywhere else.

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