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Proof Of Concept Vs. Proof of Compatibility

May 2, 2015 9:17:02 AM

Proof Of Concept Vs. Proof of CompatibilityDerik Vanvleet has something important to share! There’s an important difference between Proof of Concept and Proof of Compatibility. Knowing the difference can be the reason your company succeeds or fails. A Proof of Concept is basically a demonstration that shows certain concepts have the potential to be applied to a real-world situation. Proof of Compatibility uses certain test criteria to determine if the platform will actually meet the customer needs. That makes all the difference in the world.

Compatibility speaks to the following:

  • Business Fit – Asking the right questions can help you determine if a product or service fits your business goals. If asking why doesn’t produce a definitive answer, don’t proceed.
  • Technical Fit – Will the product provide adequate security protocols? Does it meet compliance and governance needs?
  • Does the product meet user requirements? It’s possible for this stage to be overlooked. Users are often forced to adapt to technology throw their way. It’s always best to get a user’s buy-in at this stage. Conducting hands-on tests can provide some incredible feedback from customers about what they like and don’t like about a product.

The key is to treat any product proposal with the user in mind, and not just the company.


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