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Outsourcing Institute's Annual Wall Street Tech Conference

May 6, 2015 7:15:57 AM

Outsourcing Institute's Annual Wall Street Tech ConferenceAnubhav Saxena reminds us of the The Outsourcing Institute's annual Wall Street Tech conference on June 2, 2015. Conference highlights will include cloud computing, automation, mobility, and cyber security/compliance. These are all areas that interest and can benefit Wall Street. The conference’s presenters plan to explain how changing and evolving technologies will spur future innovation, reduce the risks of doing business and lower business costs.

Attendees can expect to receive valuable information from cutting-edge service providers who speak on the productivity, accessibility and security offered by cloud-computing services. Understanding the balancing act associated with cost, mananging multi-vendors and regulatory concerns will also be major topics covered.

The Internet to Things, mass digitalization and automation, will transform the word’s landscape like never before. Throw in other disruptors, like big data analytics, and marketing and business models will redefine how business is conducted. Major ideas and best practices will be shared with conference attendees. It’s impossible to leave this type of conference without being exposed to tremendous insights and practices that can be implemented. The networking opportunities, alone, are worth attending.

The Outsourcing Institute, is a huge professional association that dedicates its efforts to outsourcing and technology. Over 74,000 professionals, worldwide, are members.

Read The Press Release Here.

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