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New Threat-Analytics Tools Launched by IBM

May 4, 2015 8:44:24 AM

New Threat-Analytics Tools Launched by IBMKatherine Noyes reports that IBM has launched a new security intelligence to help businesses and organizations surmise whether a threat is real or if it’s a simple anomaly. The intelligence system can draw data from more than 500 supported and separate data points that include devices, applications and systems. It will also generate more than 1500 predefined reports that are available on demand.

It’s obviously a much coveted product as industry leaders and marketers express their desire to give cloud security teams flexibility in being able to tap outside sources, across multiple security environments, for their innovative skills and knowledge. The industry wants, and has a need, to simplify how security data is collected and reported. Essentially, IBM’s new software will be able to comply with security protocols and regulations in real-time while being able to detect any security anomalies.

IBM is a world leader when it comes to understanding and plugging the hole on security vulnerabilities. Companies face the challenge of employing people with the right set of IT security skills. Companies also face the growing challenges of rising costs to secure their data. IBM is on the move and companies have taken notice. IBM takes the lead in being able to offer customers a customized security portfolio.

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