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Let Your CEO Get to Know You

May 8, 2015 8:01:09 AM

Jay Quiles offers some quaint insightsLet Your CEO Get to Know You about the advantages and benefits of getting your superiors to learn more about you and what you do on the job. Of course, accomplishing this task can be a challenge, depending on the size of your company and your CEO ’s disposition. So, there are a number of things you can do to get his or her attention, regardless of your company’s size, that includes staying committed, being enthusiastic, showing personal initiative, taking responsibility and being able to adapt.

To be known is to be acknowledged. To be acknowledged is to be understood and, hopefully, appreciated. Deep down inside, we all want to be appreciated. There’s an old saying that money attracts people through the front door, but something else keeps them from going out the back door: appreciation. Right now, less than 40 percent of working people feel that they’re appreciated. The power and impact of negative emotions toward us can be incredibly toxic. Unfortunately, many managers are uncomfortable making others feel at ease. Of course, it makes you wonder why these people are in a position of authority.

For your own benefit and motivation, add variety to your life. Keep things interesting. It’s equivalent to setting up your own program that builds camaraderie and value.

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