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Know Your Facts When it Comes to ATS

May 5, 2015 9:13:42 AM

Know Your Facts When it Comes to ATSMike Roberts offers timely information on the merits of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). At present, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding their use. Recruiters feel they’re necessary, while a growing number of job applicants are displeased with the results. The big challenge for many recruiting companies is that they haven’t prepared for the onslaught of users who hunt and apply for jobs using their mobile device.

This means your company will be privy to less job applicants. Less job applicants also means less qualified candidates. The pool of passive candidates will also get larger as candidates discover and leverage effective, personal marketing techniques. Not updating your ATS may also be a potential branding issue as well. Today’s savvy job hunters may see that as a sign that your technology and company are backwards.

The key to success is for recruiters to know when, how and where passive job candidates are at any given time. There a strong likelihood that your passive candidate isn’t home on his or her laptop. They’re on the cell phone or mobile device having lunch or out and about socializing with friends. Without the right system and data, you’ll be left behind by savvy recruiters in tomorrow’s world.

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