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Hidden Costs

Apr 3, 2015 11:00:25 AM

Hidden CostsThere's plenty of visible and hidden costs when it comes to running a business, but one of the most threatening ones tends to be the cost of fighting internal threats. These are the types of unseen attacks that can
ravage your business, annoy your employees, and eat away at your profits.

Preventing the damage that these attacks can induce may be as simple as simply employing the right vigilance with regards to your security policies. By implementing items such as forced password changes and
revoking the credentials of compromised accounts immediately, you may be able to stop the majority of attacks.

David King's article  on these internal threats  provides businesses with the insight they need to predict these threats and to limit the damage that they can cause. These seemingly simple strategies are often forgotten when the hustle and bustle of business ensues.

Another advantage of these approaches is that they're cost effective. You need to only change your internal security policies and to instruct your employees on better practices to make them work. There's no extra software or hardware security measures needed, as the majority of these suggestions can be employed natively on most existing business infrastructure.

The best part of these strategies is that they are preventative. You won't waste time or money trying to clean up the mess that some internal ne'er-do-well caused to your business. You may even find that these
strategies can help with other IT-related problems, such as warnings generated by messy processes in logs, that your business might face.

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