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Falling short on SaaS pricing

Mar 19, 2015 2:00:10 PM


PFalling-short-on-SaaS-pricingatrick Campbell summarizes things superbly about how and where marketers are falling short on their SaaS pricing pages. He reminds us that our attention should never be diverted from matching a buyer’s persona with a product and its price. “Selling the right product, at the right price, to the right person” is what marketing is supposed to be all about.

Design and user experience are critical elements of success as well. Your customer takes a half second to one minute to decide whether they’ll click through on your pricing page. If there’s any doubt in their mind that you’re less than credible, or that your design turns them off (even subconsciously), the sale that you might have made is burnt toast. Design is a factor that goes way beyond just looking good.

Consider the fact that each example frees the customer from worrying whether they’ve purchased an inferior product compared to the other ones listed. Patrick makes the case that Salesforce’s product offering and pricing is structured to leave customers with little doubt their choice is the correct choice.

It’s easy for marketers, even good ones, to forget their pricing page is one of the most important touch points in the selling process. However, it’s no secret that there’s no such thing as perfection. Even the most successful companies make mistakes. The only difference is they have the protocols in place to give them a heads up when those mistakes happen. Then it’s back to the drawing board with changes that will match the needs of each new buyer persona.

Their approach to how they market and price is nimble! They welcome change, and they keep chipping away at pricing opportunities. Paying attention helps ensure that their bottom line remains profitable and that growth is inevitable. Patrick’s ability to chart a path forward is as clear and succinct as the SaaS pricing strategies he directs everyone’s attention to. These are great insights worth sharing. You can read the original article here:

Gene Krause
Written by Gene Krause

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