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Customer Experience

Apr 7, 2015 8:00:38 AM

customer service agile post"Is Your Customer Experience Technology Helpful or Creepy?" by Jeannie Walters serves as a brief, but invaluable, wake up call for those in business and business owners to take responsibility for their customer
experience technology. The article outlines the role of technology at SXSW and then segues into a slideshow, which emphasizes different points to consider in evaluating your customer experience technology. The slideshow equally emphasizes the need for transparency and the need to appeal in regards to customer service. By utilizing statistics, outlines, and quotes, Walters drives home the need for transparency regarding customer privacy and information. Furthermore, using the same techniques, she explains the need for customer service technology that is trendy and not just a novelty.

Overall, I appreciated Walters' succinct, yet highly informative, style in this article. Using a typical blog format mixed with an embedded slideshow, she managed to cover a wide range of points, all of which
supported her argument for the importance of high quality customer service technology. I think her message is especially pertinent now in light of recent high profile breaches of customer privacy. Also, I think she's right in urging businesses to take responsibility for their customer service technology, both for their good and the good of their customers.

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