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Customer early warning systems

Mar 26, 2015 8:00:14 AM

Customer early warning systemsAmanda Saunders reminds marketers how important it is to put an early warning system in place to put out potential fires that might result from ignoring your customer’s needs. Every customer need unmet is a threat to a potential up-sell. Data-driven alerts permit you to become far more proactive in managing your customers. Your customer-facing team is valuable, but their feedback can sometimes be anecdotal and predictable.

#1. Manage your customers’ profiles more efficiently. High-dollar accounts are not the only ones bringing in business. A better system for tracking customer success allows you spend more time assisting accounts that need attention. These minor accounts can grow into major accounts.

#2. Improve executive team reporting. Reporting to your team, before or after, when implementing a strategy can help you regularly share how well your accounts are doing. Your team is there for support and can give helpful feedback to help you improve any slack areas.

#3. Don’t lose sight of your entire customer base. It’s easy to focus on certain segments of the business while losing sight of others. A set of effective monitor lists is a great way to monitor all of your customers. You’re going to have a future conversation with your customers, and it might as well be a positive one. Your future conversations with customers will benefit if you’ve paid attention in between those conversations. Without a tracking system in place, it’s impossible to know what’s going on with your customers. Keep in mind that your goal is to, continually, grow your base. More customers equals more revenue, which means more customers, which means more revenue, etc. It’s all about the insight that the right kind of data can provide. Even then, managing properly can be a challenge. Just think of where you are, or would be, without it.

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Gene Krause
Written by Gene Krause

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