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Create an Online Course to Give Your Clients What They Need

May 6, 2015 12:14:41 PM

Wendy Kelly speaks to the factCreate an Online Course to Give Your Clients What They Need that if you can teach one person you can teach many. Why not package your knowledge in 2015 and provide an online course for people in your network? There are notable pioneers, like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki who pioneered the concept of permission marketing. They understand the nuances associated with sharing brands in ways that people are willing to become brand evangelists.

If your prospects have signed up to take an online course you’ve created, they’re not asking for your permission, and you’re not asking for their permission to sell. People that sign up for your course are willing to submit to your guidance. When people invest in what you’re producing to learn, they can become great brand ambassadors if your marketing efforts are done correctly.

2015 is already here and moving fast. If you don’t already have an online course planned, you could be missing out on some great branding and increased income opportunities. Wendy also advises that you can use tools like Versa or Udemy whereby you can easily create an online course without all the hassles of having to know code. It’s all about having a product that you can scale. That product could be the knowledge that you already share with one or two people.

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