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Configurability and Customization

Mar 18, 2015 1:37:57 PM

Configurability and CustomizationIs Your Staff Aware Of The Difference Between Configurability and Customization?


As business professionals know, there is always an occasional need to plan and conduct meetings via conference call. While organizational conferences will, likely, never replace the nuances of a face-to-face meeting, they are quite necessary for effective and fast decision-making protocols in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Business professionals shopping around for the right software to run their organizational conferences are likely to choose between customization and configurability when it comes down to the wire. An article written by Jay Draper a Network Administrator and System’s Engineer at Mira Smart Conference Inc. provides a more than excellent take on the differences between the two approaches:

Configurability – Depending on your conference needs, configurable software can accomplish what you want with only a few, simple keystroke adjustments. Users on the client's end can easily modify the outcome.

Customization – This software is more sophisticated and requires additional software programming. The company’s tech experts usually lend their talents when the need arises. This type software may also incur additional expenses for the client. The software company gathers initial information from the conference client and narrows it down to the client’s exact needs. Along the way, the work is assessed, and the client is informed of any additional costs.

Understanding the differences between customization and configurability are the first steps a conference client can take in understanding the software package’s potential and actual cost. Configurability, naturally, is rolled into the original cost of the software package; eliminating the need for additional fees. Customization requires “bespoke”, tailor made programming. It usually comes with an additional, but understandable, charge.

People that solve problems are happy people. When the right planning, tools, and people come together, good things usually happen. You can tip your hat to those who revel in their tireless approach to innovation whether they are developers, planners, leaders or end users. The world is a better place because of their efforts. For additional insights, read Jay Draper's original story here:

Gene Krause
Written by Gene Krause

Gene has been consulting businesses of all sizes for 20 years and providing them with strategic payments and gateway integrations.

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