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Challenges with sales reps

Mar 24, 2015 8:00:48 AM

Challenges-with-sales-repsThere’s a lot of pressure put on sales reps to produce. It’s a tough game that often produces quick burnout. To make things even worse, many sales reps arrive at work each day with the fear they’re only as “good” as their last sale. Sam Laber shares some excellent suggestions about what managers and sales development reps can each do to make life bearable in the trenches.

From day one, sales development reps (SDRs) are keyed up to make as many calls, source as many leads, and rifle out as many emails as possible. It’s pure enthusiasm, coupled with a bit of fear, on the reps behalf. However, things can quickly get out of control. There’s entirely too much information that can go unlogged, resulting in duplicate call and emails being sent to the same prospect. Sam Laber recommends that managers get a handle on the situation by setting individual lead, email and call goals for each rep.

“Spray and pray” tactics, a term well framed, simply won’t work. Laber prefers that company should adopt something akin to the “one company, one contact” rule in which each new lead a new SDR finds in the first week must come from a new company. Reps should be encouraged to send out personal emails. It’s too tempting to use the same email template for new prospects when the heat is on. Good habits from the start will be good habits at the end for the reps.

Overcoming objections will be the toughest challenge of any rep, day in and day out. There’s an old saying that “every no means you’re closer to a yes.” Seasoned SDRs can help new reps survive and even thrive this daily challenge. It’s also important for new, and old, reps to study sales demos on a daily basis. Find out more about what managers and SDRs can accomplish through tried and prove approaches here:

Gene Krause
Written by Gene Krause

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