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Adallom and Salesforce Combine to Protect Against Threats

Apr 26, 2015 10:33:29 AM

agile426Amir Haramaty shares the scoop on Adallom for Salesforce. Adallom is proven cloud security and Salesforces is a customer relationship management, CRM, application that helps companies track and manage employee success. Unfortunately, we live in a world where data breaches are now always from an outside source. Employees, in general, will always have a challenge with management peering over their shoulders. Those employees will have to find a way to adjust, since protecting sensitive data requires a specific set of protocols to be enacted.

For many companies, it’s a delicate balancing act. They want individuals to feel that their privacy is protected, while at the same time making sure the company is safe from data breaches. The best thing for employees to do is to about their normal, productive workdays without a second thought as to if they’re being monitored. After all, company employees have signed on to add value and deliver productivity.

There are certain privacy laws set forth by state and federal laws, but they only go so far in protecting employees from software that can record key strokes, times for staring work and quitting, data entry errors, and the date and time that a document is opened or closed. Data security, in the end protects everyone. Just look at data surveillance as a form of job security.

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