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Active or Passive Marketing

Apr 8, 2015 8:10:10 AM

native marketing agile post As technology evolves and Internet-based applications become more interactive with users, the most effective methods of marketing become active rather than passive. This change has forced businesses to rethink the very way that they market to even their most established consumer bases.

Consider the way the Facebook, one of the most popular social networks in use, engages users. They utilize native ads that appear in the user's Timeline feed, which in turn makes those particular ads more effective. There is a higher click-through rate and a higher conversion rate when businesses utilize these methods of active marketing.

This type of marketing is known as native marketing. Understanding how it performs is crucial to understanding how to best leverage it in your day-to-day operations.

Flite recently posted a detailed infographic concerning how native advertising works. The many nuances of native marketing, which includes why native marketing is so important for the modern business, are explored in detail with this quick-to-read infographic.

The infographic even compares native marketing to banner advertisements. It shows how the former is more effective with influencing customer purchase decisions and building brand loyalty that lasts.

The infographic even takes an informative look into the future of native marketing. This provides a unique insight into how valuable this type of marketing will be for businesses to use as one of the main strategies that they employ when marketing themselves or their products.

Taking note of how native marketing currently works is crucial to any business that wishes to achieve success. Inspect the infographic, view the statistics, and think carefully on what it all means to improve your chances of marketing success.

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