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Google Wallet Funds Now Insured

Google Wallet just made its digital wallet a little more secure.

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Why Square’s Greatest Ambition Has Become Its Biggest Threat

From  By KAREN WEBSTER , CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

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No Credit Card? No Problem, Say Millennials

Original post on PYMNTS.Com

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Simple And Recommended SaaS Security Tips - CloudTweaks News

Simple And Recommended SaaS Security Tips
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After SaaS: Opportunities for Next-Gen CRM - Huffington Post

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Making Payments Smart and Familiar At The Same Time

The problem with the mobile revolution is that it has been “coming” for so long without ever actually fully arriving that the idea of eminent ignition has become somewhat easy to discount. Mobile has been technologically accessible to a mass number of..

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Bank of America’s Mobile Deposit Volume Booms 30%

Bank of America might be lagging some of its competitors in mobile banking user growth, but the bank is increasing its remote deposit business at an enviable rate. 

The bank said yesterday that 13% of its deposits last quarter — or roughly $4.5..

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Jawbone UP4 fitness tracker lets you pay using American Express

UP3 fitness wristband tracker may be ready to ship.

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Intel Pushes Payments Into The Internet Of Things

Ingenico and Intel have partnered to build mobile payment capabilities into a wide array of connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) — including intelligent vending machines, kiosks and digital signage, the companies announced at the..

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This Israeli Startup Just Leapfrogged Everyone with Apple Watch Payments

24me, an elegant “personal organizer” app built in Israel, has quietly figured out how to facilitate payments via Apple Watch.

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The Seven Steps to Cost Savings

Back in 2011, the U.S. Department of Treasury mandated the implementation of electronic invoicing in support of President Barack Obama’s campaign to cut waste. In the case of the federal government, this executive order reduced the cost of invoicing..

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Expert Interview Series: founder and Payment Gateway inventor, Jeff Knowles

Payment Gateways play an integral role in facilitating ecommerce. Without the creation of a secure method for moving sensitive data the ability to conduct non face to face commerce could not have happened. Today there are many gateway providers..

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BBVA Compass and Dwolla Launch Realtime Payment Service [Video]

From Bank Innovation

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The Heavy Hitters Step Up to the Plate – SaaS Marketing Essentials

As SaaS marketers know, trust is a key factor in running a successful business. Getting customers to sign up for a Free Trial of your software may, at first, be the result of a strong indoctrination process that gets prospects to know, like, and trust..

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Tips for College Graduates

New innovations revitalize the field of business. They multiply the reach of the typical business by allowing one individual to significantly expand his or her reach.

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WordPress Plugins

If you’re interested in learning more about how to beef up your knowledge about building WordPress plugins, Phil Derksen offers some keen insights. There are some great links to learning resources and developers tools that are sure to come in handy...

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Startup Spending

It’s easier than one would think for tech companies to overspend at the initial startup stage. Bright minds who dream of unlimited possibilities can cause things to go south in a hurry. Millions of dollars can be wasted in the blink of an eye. A lot..

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Elements Of A Winning Checkout Experience

Originally Posted on Forbes:

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Time Management Software

Technology advances in such ways that reliable technology gets replaced by more efficient technology. Software like Microsoft Access was once the main software that many businesses used to track sales, customer information and countless other things..

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SaaS Marketing

Alex Cohen drives home the difference between SaaS marketing and other forms of offline and online marketing. Marketing has always been about the product and satisfying the customer’s needs. However, SaaS marketing deals with a whole new set of..

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Harnessing Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular back-ends for websites to use. Some estimates say that nearly 19% of all websites use WordPress.

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Active or Passive Marketing

As technology evolves and Internet-based applications become more interactive with users, the most effective methods of marketing become active rather than passive. This change has forced businesses to rethink the very way that they market to even..

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Payment Aggregation

Becoming a Payment Facilitator, Payment Service Provider [PSP] or Payment Aggregator.

In Payment Aggregation, being a Payment Facilitator can be thought of as being a Master Merchant, facilitating credit and debit card transactions for sub-merchants..

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Customer Experience

"Is Your Customer Experience Technology Helpful or Creepy?" by Jeannie Walters serves as a brief, but invaluable, wake up call for those in business and business owners to take responsibility for their customer experience technology. The article..

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Hidden Costs

There's plenty of visible and hidden costs when it comes to running a business, but one of the most threatening ones tends to be the cost of fighting internal threats. These are the types of unseen attacks that can ravage your business, annoy your..

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