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Looking at the Correct Priorities in a Payment Gateway Integration?

Jan 27, 2020 10:02:35 PM

We're continually surprised at the differing perspectives and priorities that various organizations and companies have for integrating to a Payment Gateway Integration. However, there is one constant; each and every integrating organization or their client using base that sells a service or product. To put it simply, they are looking to make a profit from their sales via electronic transactions. Aren't we all (profit)?

So when we get integration requests that have something along the lines of "this is the last piece of the puzzle and we need to move quick,"  and we're always willing to assist, but often we are puzzled when the payments component is so critical in functionality and towards either the SaaS application integrating, or to their clients' user base; why did they take so long to contact prospective gateway facilitators?

As application growth continues to expand, we're always presented with new and unique challenges to meet the prospective client's goals and requirements. That's always a good opportunity for us, as we have heard and been listening to opportunities like these for better than 20 years. 

While we are capable of facilitating solutions for many different business models and processing capabilities, we cut our teeth on recurring payments - and most of those opportunities involve both credit card processing and ACH processing. Often it's the details where we need to take a deep dive with the prospective integration prospect. We look to not only meet the integration requirements, but look to assist the new partner with their ultimate success with their application, especially if it's an application that serves a vertical market. That takes time and effort.

Vertical applications (ISV's) present both an opportunity for us to profit, but we take a much different approach than some of the "big box" processors out there. We understand that ISV opportunities become a defacto marketing channel for what is the payment gateway integration. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your gateway integration requirements. Will your prospective gateway partner:

  • hold your data hostage should you decide to migrate to another gateway integration partner? There are processing organizations that won't provide a sensitive data transfer unless a minimum number of customer records are present. Some will charge an exorbitant fee to transfer records. In a few cases where merchants wanted to transfer from on gateway over to us they were provided with invoices that amounted to 5 digits, and we're no including the decimal here!
  • provide ongoing integration support, both via email, ticketing system and live phone calls? API documentation isn't always enough. You need to be able to converse with someone who understands your processing requirements. Again, it takes time and effort. Make sure the gateway you are integrating to can provide that need.
  • provide you with an opportunity for revenue share? As previously mentioned, an ISV with a vertical client base is also an opportunity for the gateway partner that you are integrating to. Your applications reach and market base present an opportunity for the gateway partner. Don't cut yourself short.
  • provide all the payment modals that your client base and end-customer base require? If your application has a subscription component, you need multiple payment modals.
  • provide you with the ability to onboard clients via API merchant applications? Leaving your website or application can create a friction point. Same can be said for having your client base completing paper forms for applying for a merchant account. The ability to more or less white label the application and boarding process is becoming more and more a necessity. Make sure your gateway partner can support it.
  • provide you with online dashboard views of every using client and their associated transactions? If you want to stay on top of what your processing volume is, this is a necessity. Moreover, utilizing the gateway partners technologies like webhook post-backs that can automatically update your SaaS will keep you and your clients on top of the payments reporting.
  • assist you with marketing efforts towards your channel base? A good gateway partner will talk and listen to you about your business model and who your client base is and what their needs are. Then they will assist you in adoption of the gateway integration. Again, you're a defacto marketing channel for the gateway partner.

Agile Payments has been assisting SaaS applications for more than 20 years. We are professionals that love to listen to unique integration needs. Don't let your payment integration sit until the last minute. Get in touch early and let us help you with creating the right gateway integration environment. 


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Gene Krause
Written by Gene Krause

Gene has been consulting businesses of all sizes for 25 years and providing them with strategic payments and gateway integrations.

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