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IVR Payments For Waste Management

Mar 15, 2020 3:38:11 PM

IVR Payments For Waste Management

The public utilities and municipalities realm is experiencing a major increase in electronic payments. With 79% of consumers expecting local service providers to offer same level service as national brands, an electronic payments system that handles credit cards/ACH payments is a necessity in 2020. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a simple, effective way for your waste management business to provide more thorough customer service.

IVR Payments For Waste Management offers voice prompts to take calls that would usually be handled by live customer service operators. The system can facilitate large quantities of calls.

Modern payment gateway technologies allow credit card/ACH transactions to be accepted and processed using the IVR technology, allowing businesses to accept receivables in an automated fashion.

Customers get a convenient way to make payments, while significantly reducing the amount of man hours (which means fewer hourly wages). The typical customer service operator works 9-5, but an IVR system has 24/7 availability. This is important considering the fact that 33% of consumers have reported making a payment after hours. Likewise, with an IVR Payments Waste Management System call center agents get to spend more time solving customer problems.

On the business side of things, the PCI compliant system is simple to set up, and there are no staffing considerations for human involvement on the organization’s side (which means greatly reduced organizational man hours)!

There is a reduced PCI scope when human interaction is eliminated by accepting payments via phone, the IVR Payment System is completely integrated with our virtual terminal and API integrations, and there’s a single source for reporting of all credit card and eCheck payments.




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