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IVR Payments for Insurance Premiums

Jan 9, 2020 1:18:35 PM

An insurance company looking to streamline payments by phone had the following issues:

  • The insurance company was looking to provide excellent customer service, but the volume of calls received made doing this a difficult challenge. The Insurance company’s most frequent calls were from clients making payments. Agents spent significant time processing payments manually, resulting in expanded average call handling and hold times. The Insurance company was looking to automate this process.
  • Automating payments meant that the Insurance company had to have a PCI compliant solution that did not expose sensitive card data.
  • The Insurance company sought to drive down operating costs while balancing superior customer service.

The Solution

  • The Insurance company integrated the AgilePayments IVR platform to build a user-friendly workflow to handle its payment processing needs. The AgilePayments solution offered a modular, intuitive solution build, customized to the Insurance company needs.
  • The Insurance company’s application was built and deployed in AgilePayments secure, PCI-compliant network. This allowed the Insurance company to utilize the AgilePayments platform to both operate and maintain a secure environment to process critical customer financial data.
  • Data analysis and tracking allowed the Insurance company to measure automation rates and to monitor how customers used the IVR payment application.


  • Following deployment of the Insurance company payment IVR application, close to 90% of payment-related calls were handled by the automated IVR payment system. This reduced average cost per call from over $4 to about 30 cents, or over 90% reduction in costs.


Utilizing AgilePayments IVR platforms enable Insurance companies to significantly improve their customer service offerings while at the same time dramatically reducing costs. With an automated payment application in place, live agents spend more time providing high-touch service for customer inquiries.

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