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How Strategic Credit Card Payment Integration Can Help Grow Platform Revenue and User Base

Jan 14, 2020 1:53:40 PM

By integrating a Credit Card Payment Processing solution your application users gain the ability to accept credit and debit card payments from their end customer.

Credit Card Payment Integration

If your application users have any kind of recurring payment needs then a Credit Card Payment Integration needs to be on your dev schedule.

Our specialty is partnering with software or SAAS providers and creating payment solutions that make collecting customer payments simple and efficient.

The credit card integration offers the SaaS platform multiple benefits:

  • Create a more useful product for end-users. Payment collection and reconciliation is a big pain point for most businesses
  • Client retention rates improve. Disengaging from a solution that automates payment collection for a business is a painful thought
  • You create a new recurring revenue stream from payment transaction income. Your payment partner should offer a revenue share plan whereby all of your payment clients generate transaction-based income
  • You have a new service to promote to your existing client base, as well as a new client attraction tool. If your payment solution can address pain points and offer time and money saving options your payment solution can become a competitive differentiator

So what should you look for in a Credit Card Payment Integration API?

  • API availability: Does the partner offer RESTful, SOAP integration options?
  • Is there an ACH Processing Solution in addition to credit cards?
  • Can the partner provide a single API for both US and Canada?
  • Does the platform offer a mitigation plan for credit card declines? Recurring transaction decline rates can now average 15%
  • Is sensitive data tokenized as to minimize PCI scope?
  • Is there a revenue share model offered with the Credit Card Processing Integration solution?
  • Does the partner have a plan for end-user AutoPay customer adoption for you and your user clients? Simply offering a payment method is not enough to get end-user adoption. This is the single biggest factor in growing the revenue stream. Pricing and rev share matter but getting the maximum # of clients using is key.
  • Is there an API that would allow your customers to apply from your site or app?
  • Will your potential partner take the time to understand your business requirements and provide options that custom fit the payments needs to your needs and your clients?

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Wayne Akey
Written by Wayne Akey

Wayne Akey works collaboratively with SAAS providers whose clients have recurring billing needs to create innovative payment solutions and new revenue streams. He has partnered with dozens of software providers to create integrated payment solutions that solve recurring billing problems and generate significant recurring revenue. He has experience in: ACH Processing | Payment Partnerships | Payment Gateway Integration | Credit Card Decline Mitigation | Payment Aggregation. Wayne is the author of “Explode SAAS Revenue by 84%: A Guide to Geometric Growth using Integrated Payment Processing”. To learn how your software application can become a billing solution for your users as well as generate additional revenue streams, contact Wayne today at We guarantee you will learn how to improve revenue per client by at least 10% or we will donate $500 to the charity of your choice.

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