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SaaS - Expanding Market Reach to Canada With Payments

SMS Payment Provider

SMS Payment Gateway

MarketPlace Payments : What you must know

MarketPlace Payment Solution Challenges

The role of the Payment Gateway for MarketPlace Payments 2019

MarketPlace Payments and the Merchant of Record: What does it mean?

Bank Account Owner Authentication Service: Moving Beyond Check Verification Services

Check Verification Process

Canadian EFT - API Integration

Utilizing a Canada Electronic Funds Transfer

Canada Electronic Funds Transfer

Understanding the Benefits of Hybrid Payment Aggregation

5 Things You Must Have To Become A Payment Facilitator in 2019

Payment Aggregation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Why the Payment Aggregator Business Model is Compelling

Payment Aggregation

Payment Aggregation

The ACH Payment Aggregator Debate: Why Your Business Should Consider a Partnership

Checklist for Finding the Best Payment Aggregation Partner

5 Things You Must Have To Become A Payment Aggregator in 2019

What is a Managed PayFac?

Payment Facilitation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

ACH Payment Facilitation

Why the Payment Facilitator Business Model is Compelling

3 Ways to Become an ACH PayFac

Payment Facilitation and : An interview with Rob Hirscheimer

Payment Facilitation and Property Management SaaS applications

Why WePay is Wrong About PayFac ROI

Two key ways Payment Facilitation can change your business. Why SaaS platforms should consider becoming a PayFac.

So You Want To Be a Payfac? The Number One Question You MUST Ask

Another Reason for SaaS platforms to become a PayFac or Payment Facilitator

Managed Payfac Solutions

Where are the ACH API Providers?

Is Frictionless Onboarding Worth the Risk?

7 Must-Haves in a Payment Facilitation Partner

Looking to become a Payment Facilitator as an SaaS application?

Why Every SaaS Platform Should Consider Becoming a PayFac

3 Sure Signs that becoming a Payment Facilitator IS NOT for Your SaaS App

Payfac Companies

Can an ACH API benefit your organization? 2019 Version

Why an ACH Processing API? 2019 Guide

What are your eCheck API requirements for 2019?

ACH Payment API Requirement Considerations for 2019

So You Need an ACH Transfer API - 2019

ACH API Provider 2019, what is needed?

ACH Processing API 2019

Considering an ACH Payments API in 2019

The Search for an API for ACH Payments 2019

Recurring ACH API 2019

ACH Transfer API - 2019 Guide

Does an ACH Integration Make Sense?

Top 5 New Apps and Their Future

ACH Check Validation Providers

P2P Payment Apps and Challenges

IVR Payments - Not Just For Inbound Calls

Verifying Bank Account Ownership: Understanding your Options

ACH Check Validation

Payment Facilitation Problems: What you should know about potential funding issues

Payment Facilitator Provider

Payment Facilitating : What is it and can it help your SaaS platform

Checking Account Owner Authentication Service: How can it Help your Business?

Bank Account Verification: Understanding Risk Mitigation Options

Is Payment Facilitation a Good Option For SAAS or Platform

Bank Account Validation: Exploring Your Options

Why a SAAS platform can become a Payment Facilitator but WILL NOT be the next Stripe

4 Common Payment Obstacles Facing the SaaS Industry

Payment Facilitator or Payments Partnership? Which option is the better fit for your SaaS

Payment Facilitator Program

Payment Facilitator Tools

Payment Facilitator versus Payment Processor

Payment Facilitator Systems

ACH Payment Gateway API

Payment Facilitation Providers

Account Verification System

Bank Account Verification Services

Verify Business Bank Account

Verify Funds

IVR Phone Payment

Bank Account Validation

IVR Billing

How to Verify a Check is Good?

IVR Tokenization : PCI Compliance for IVR Payments

How to Verify Bank Account Number Online

ACH Verification Process

IVR Gateway

ACH Verification Process

IVR Payment Software

Best IVR Payment Systems

PCI IVR Payment Solution

IVR Transactions

Bill Presentment Solutions

Why Electronic Bill Payment Services?

Top 3 reasons your organization can benefit from  Electronic Bill Presentment Companies

Top 5 Reasons to Utilize an Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System

Payment Gateway Integration Web Service

SaaS Platform Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration API

Credit Card Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration ACH

Bank Account Verification API: What are your options?

ACH Validation: Understanding Your Options

Bank Account Verification Web Service: Understanding Your Options

Bank Account Verification Online: What are your options?

Instant Checking Account Owner Authentication

Real Time Checking Account Owner Authentication Service

AOA Service

Checking Account Ownership Systems

The Single Most Important Benefit of ACH Integration for SaaS with Recurring Payments

What does a successful ACH integration look like?

IVR Payments, now with Canadian EFT

Will your company benefit from an ACH integration?

Instant Checking Account Verification

Checking Account Verification Companies

ECheck Verification Tools

Benefits of IVR start with reducing expenses

Real-time Checking Account Verification

Are Service Fees possible with IVR Payments and should you use?

Checking Account Verification Tools

Checking Account Verification Systems

Can Your Company Benefit From Implementing an IVR System?

ACH Payment Processing (eChecks) with IVR Payments

Loan Payments Automation | Reducing a Credit Union's Customer Service Workload

The amazing growth of Fintech

Agile Payments Interview with founder David Jay and how Payments have played a crucial role

Agile Payments Interview with Online Contract Platform Founder David Jay

Understanding Payment Card Industry Compliance

Why an ACH option is a Must-Have for Recurring Billing

SaaS Payment Gateway Integration: Is your Payment Gateway a Partner or a One-Way Street?

ACH Aggregation Options for the SaaS Platform Provider

5 Ways SaaS Providers Can Leverage Partnerships for Growth

Reducing Credit Card Declines With Proactive & Reactive Outreach

Saas Payment Processing: Two Powerful Ways to Create Massive Profit Growth

SaaS Payments: To Stripe or Not to Stripe

Reducing Credit Card Declines: How Subscription Billing Management Providers Can Address Business’s Biggest Revenue Threat

Minimize Credit Card Declines using the Credit Card Recurring Indicator

SaaS Payment Processing: What are your options?

Cracking The SaaS Sales Marketing Code

Cracking The SaaS Sales Marketing Code

Top SaaS Bloggers in 2017

How to Grow Your SaaS Business Using Facebook Insights

27 SaaS Online Marketing Tools to Use In 2017

Marketing Your SaaS Business for Dirt Cheap

LinkedIn SaaS - Tips On How To Build A Free Publicity Campaign

Pinterest Marketing Strategy Tips for Your SaaS

 Credit Card Declines - What can be done to reduce decline rates?

Instagram for Business Marketing: Tips to Pulling It Off

Top SaaS Challenges and Mistakes

Top SaaS Success Stories in 2016

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Marketing Tools

How to Win at SaaS Lead Nurturing

7 Simple Steps to an Effective SaaS Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

12 Best SaaS Resources to Help Your Business Today

Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your SaaS

How Much Do SaaS Companies Spend on Marketing?

9 Best SaaS Business Software Management Solutions

5 Scary SaaS Marketing Stats Worth Paying Attention To

Capturing Global Markets with Your SaaS Products and Services

What SaaS Providers Need to Know About Sales Compensation

SaaS Company Accounting Pitfalls to Avoid

How Important is Content Marketing to Your SaaS?

21 Tested SaaS Product Marketing Methods Guaranteed to Get Results

Six Great Articles about SaaS Marketing

Lifetime Customer Value: Your Secret Weapon and MVM

Why the World Would End Without SaaS Marketing

8 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Saas Marketing

13 BS Facts About SaaS Marketing Everyone Thinks Are True

How To Market Your SaaS On LinkedIn With Style

Sales and Marketing Predictions for 2016

Use These Tips To Beat Churn In Your SaaS

How To Use Email Drip Campaigns To Improve Churn

How To Sell Your SaaS With Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Sell More Of Your SaaS Product In 2016 [Infographic]

Five Simple Inbound Marketing Steps To Promote Your SaaS

Why You Should Be Measuring Metrics In Your SaaS Business

Building Your SaaS Business from the Ground Up Through Effective Networking

Getting the Most Out of Content Marketing for Your SaaS

Powerful SaaS Tools That Every Startup Needs to Consider

The Past, Present, and Future of SaaS

Minimize Credit Card Decline Rates

Hacking Your SaaS Enterprise All the Way to Success

What Every SaaS Marketer Should Know About Inbound Marketing

Tips For Setting Up Your SaaS Marketing Plan

19 SaaS Buzzwords You Should Know [Infographic]

SaaS Companies That Used Unorthodox Advertisement Methods

12 KPIs Your SaaS Company Should Be Tracking

Here's 9 SaaS Bloggers You Should Be Following

How to Figure Out the Match Behind SaaS Valuation

Effective Ways to Market Your SaaS Product

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn to Grow Your SaaS Company

Overcoming the Top 5 Objections to SaaS

How To Use Basic Cohort Analysis To Increase SaaS Sales

5 Ways To Get Better Conversions From Your Free Trial Offers

Why SaaS Marketing Is Completely Different From Any Other Type Of Marketing

8 Surefire Tips To Get SaaS Business Referrals

19 Quick Ways To Attract And Keep More SaaS Customers


Software Licensing got you down? Get your SaaS in gear and go cloud

Helping Businesses Scale Is The Catalyst of Cloud Service Provider Growth

Tips on Finding the Best SaaS Vendor for Your Business

Partner up or Die: The new business paradigm

Use New Technology to Keep Your Leads From Going Cold

Simplifying Analytics Reports Should Be an Industry Standard

How to Market to Customers When The Free Trial is Over

Know the Differences of Marketing SaaS Products Through Resellers vs Referral Partners

Millennials Want Self-Checkout With Mobile Payments

Understanding Technology Can Help Your Paycheck

Let Your CEO Get to Know You

Must-Know B2B Hacks for to Achieve Better Conversions

Create an Online Course to Give Your Clients What They Need

Outsourcing Institute's Annual Wall Street Tech Conference

Know Your Facts When it Comes to ATS

New Threat-Analytics Tools Launched by IBM

Using Gaming Software to Motivate Sales People

Proof Of Concept Vs. Proof of Compatibility

Make Sure Your Relationship with Your Managed Service Provider Still Benefits You

Think You Don't Need to Update Your Security?

Possible Click Fraud on Compromised Forums

Why We're So Excited About FinTech

Survey Says Mobile Payment Interest Increasing

Do You Think Your Biggest Security Risk is You?

Google Searches For ‘How To Write A Check’ Are Soaring


Understanding the Changes Needed for Performance Management

Adallom and Salesforce Combine to Protect Against Threats

Why You Should Hire People That Are Smarter Than You

More jobs for developers from the Internet of Things

Future Forecast for Cloud Computing and Market Estimates

Compare the Cloud CTO On 10 Data Centers in The UK Going Global

The Year Of Mobile Payments

NCR Platform Takes ATM Ecosystem To The Cloud

Google Wallet Funds Now Insured

Why Square’s Greatest Ambition Has Become Its Biggest Threat

No Credit Card? No Problem, Say Millennials

Simple And Recommended SaaS Security Tips - CloudTweaks News

After SaaS: Opportunities for Next-Gen CRM - Huffington Post

Making Payments Smart and Familiar At The Same Time

Bank of America’s Mobile Deposit Volume Booms 30%

Jawbone UP4 fitness tracker lets you pay using American Express

Intel Pushes Payments Into The Internet Of Things

This Israeli Startup Just Leapfrogged Everyone with Apple Watch Payments

The Seven Steps to Cost Savings

Expert Interview Series: founder and Payment Gateway inventor, Jeff Knowles

BBVA Compass and Dwolla Launch Realtime Payment Service [Video]

The Heavy Hitters Step Up to the Plate – SaaS Marketing Essentials

Tips for College Graduates

WordPress Plugins

Startup Spending

Elements Of A Winning Checkout Experience

Time Management Software

SaaS Marketing

Harnessing Wordpress

Active or Passive Marketing

Customer Experience

Hidden Costs

Top 5 Must Haves Before Integrating with a Payment Gateway

Analyzing your customers

Customer early warning systems

Google's Pony Express

Challenges with sales reps

Where employees spend their time on the Web

Data Hostaging in Payment Processing

Why creating buyer personas are good for business

Duplicate content on LinkedIn

Falling short on SaaS pricing

Configurability and Customization

Anti-CEO Traits?

Why Mobile Payments Aren’t Working and How to Fix It

How Using Payments Processing Using ACH Can Help Your Business

What is a Merchant Account?

SaaS Gets Its Business Groove On

Obama's visit to Silicon Valley a big win for Apple Pay

Payment Data portability or Data hostage

Payment Gateway 5 Must Haves

Payment Gateway Integration

SaaS Development IT News

What is an ACH?

Real-Time Integrations

Integration Options

High Customizability

Unified Platform

Service Feed Capabilities

User-Definable Reporting

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