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7  Tips to Increase Your SaaS Website Leads and Sales

Dec 8, 2022 12:21:58 PM

7 Tips to Increase Your SaaS Website Leads and Sales

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Lead generation is one of the most important drivers of success, especially when it comes to software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Without a steady influx of new leads, you simply won’t be able to support growth and reach your main objectives. Unfortunately, generating traffic and leads seems to be a big issue for companies, presenting plenty of challenges even to experienced marketers. To help you simplify this process, here are some effective tips you could use to increase your SaaS website leads and sales:

  • Prioritize SEO strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors for improving search engine rankings and consequently increasing leads. Although a necessary aspect of all digital marketing strategies, SEO might be even more vital to SaaS businesses. Software is quite a search-driven sector in general, not to mention that comparing software solutions and tools using Google search is one of the most common ways customers gain the needed information. That is why you should optimize for SEO by doing extensive keyword research, creating high-quality content, developing the right linking structure, and maintaining consistency across platforms.


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  • Try affiliate marketing

If you’re working with a more modest budget, affiliate marketing can be a good option for your SaaS business due to its affordability and scalability. This type of marketing aims to reward affiliate partners for driving traffic and sales to your SaaS platform. In affiliate marketing, a commission is most frequently given following a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model in which affiliates are paid for each new customer they refer to the platform. In other words, you’re only required to pay when your affiliate partners actually drive sales. Your SaaS solution can also be promoted in various ways using this tactic, from blog posts to review videos.

  • Don’t overlook Google Ads

A pay-per-click advertising program provided by the search engine, Google Ads represents video, image, and text ads that appear in Google’s search results, as well as other websites in their network. Google Ads is another search-based channel that can be a great solution for SaaS companies, offering quite strong conversion rates. Depending on your solution, you can also target specific device types and certain geographic regions, and run lead ads with this platform. All you have to do is create and promote a lead magnet, gather contact information, and follow up with your leads.

  • Focus on web development

While digital marketing tactics might be quite effective at increasing your leads, they can’t offer great success if you don’t provide customer experiences to match. The functionality of a SaaS website is often overlooked, even though it’s vital for streamlining experiences. Intuitive design, easy navigation, and fast speeds are all crucial factors. If you can’t provide them, consider hiring expert website development services for a full redesign. With the right solution, you will be able to leave a great first impression on visitors, personalize customer experiences, make marketing easy, and ensure your website can grow and evolve with your audience.


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  • Provide quick callbacks

It’s a well-known fact that customer satisfaction is key to a business’s success, and yet so few SaaS companies actually respond to their consumers in a timely and professional manner. Since a significant percentage of customers prefer purchasing from brands that quickly respond to their queries, answering all calls and being faster than your competitors will be vital. You can achieve this with click-to-call software, allowing your site visitors to schedule a callback with your representatives. Rather than turning to your competitors, this will encourage visitors to engage with your brand directly and purchase from your business.

  • Utilize smart pop-ups

It might seem like pop-ups are off-putting to consumers, but this only happens when websites utilize them in the wrong way. When used correctly, smart pop-ups can be of great help in converting website traffic. To ensure success, consider the best user actions to trigger pop-ups, the most interesting form of content they should contain, and which actions you’d like users to take. Focus on personalization, making sure your pop-ups match the context and the user. Ensure pop-ups appear at the right time, such as only to visitors who stay at least 20 seconds or scroll 50% of your SaaS page.

  • Leverage video explainers

Video explainers are a popular marketing tactic among SaaS businesses, one that can be quite successful at boosting conversions on sales pages. With a short but effective video, you can demonstrate the advantages of your SaaS solution, engage your users, and drive signups. Think about interactive 60-second videos that visualize how your tool functions to save some time and effort for consumers and prompt them to register. This is another aspect that’s best outsourced to a marketing agency or freelancer to increase your chances of success.

Sales leads are critical to the growth of any company, including a SaaS business. Use the effective tips mentioned above to increase your leads and sales, and achieve long-term success.

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