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Agile Payments Interview with Online Contract Platform Founder David Jay


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Payment Facilitation and : An interview with Rob Hirscheimer

An interview with Early adopters of the PayFac business model has successfully implemented payment facilitation and used it to grow their business and acquire new clients.

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3 Ways to Become an ACH PayFac



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Why the Payment Facilitator Business Model is Compelling

Payment facilitation, or operating as a “PayFac” allows a SaaS company to act as a master merchant for its client base. The SaaS provider onboards clients via a non-intrusive application process -- making it simple for the user base to quickly begin..

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Hybrid Payment Facilitation

The decision to become a Payment Facilitator(Payfac) can be very confusing for a SaaS application provider.

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Payment Facilitation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

For the SaaS provider, potential advantages in becoming a Payment Facilitator (aka Payment Aggregation) are compelling: payment facilitation drives ease of client onboarding and unlocks a new stream of revenue generation.

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3 Sure Signs that becoming a Payment Facilitator IS NOT for Your SaaS App

Payment facilitation or payment aggregation allows one entity, the master merchant, to process or facilitate payments for a base of sub-merchants. For SaaS providers these are typically application end users or customers.

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7 Must-Haves in a Payment Facilitation Partner

As the idea of Payment Facilitation gains traction, more and more SaaS companies are exploring becoming a PayFac. Conceptually, it is an attractive feature to introduce: fast, easy, onboarding and new means of revenue generation. In fact, independent..

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Looking to become a Payment Facilitator as an SaaS application?

Steps to becoming a Payment Facilitator are outlined below.

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Checklist for Finding the Best Payment Aggregation Partner

The number of SaaS companies looking into payment processing on behalf of their customers is growing rapidly. More and more companies are looking at Payment Aggregation | Payment Facilitation as an attractive option to provide a service that offers..

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Payment Aggregation

Becoming a Payment Facilitator, Payment Service Provider [PSP] or Payment Aggregator.

In Payment Aggregation, being a Payment Facilitator can be thought of as being a Master Merchant, facilitating credit and debit card transactions for sub-merchants..

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