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Payment Facilitation and Property Management SaaS applications


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Payment Facilitation and : An interview with Rob Hirscheimer

An interview with Early adopters of the PayFac business model has successfully implemented payment facilitation and used it to grow their business and acquire new clients.

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3 Ways to Become an ACH PayFac



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Why the Payment Facilitator Business Model is Compelling

Payment facilitation, or operating as a “PayFac” allows a SaaS company to act as a master merchant for its client base. The SaaS provider onboards clients via a non-intrusive application process -- making it simple for the user base to quickly begin..

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Hybrid Payment Facilitation

The decision to become a Payment Facilitator (Payfac) can be very confusing for a SaaS application provider.

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Payment Facilitation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

For the SaaS provider, potential advantages in becoming a Payment Facilitator are compelling: payment facilitation drives ease of client onboarding and unlocks a new stream of revenue generation.

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5 Things You Must Have To Become A Payment Facilitator

Payment facilitation is the process by which one entity, a master merchant, processes or facilitates payments on behalf of a base of sub merchants.

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