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Can Your Company Benefit From Implementing an IVR System?

Interactive Voice Response systems have been around for a while now - and they have improved greatly from the early days of operation. No longer do companies have to worry about inaccuraccies and slow processing times with IVR technology. The robust..

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ACH Payment Processing (eChecks) with IVR Payments

IVR Payments and ACH Processing

Will accepting ACH via IVR Payments improve your receivables? Organizations and businesses who invoice their customers are always looking for efficiency and reduction of costs associated with receivables. Many times..

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Loan Payments Automation | Reducing a Credit Union's Customer Service Workload

Here at Agile Payments, we have been working with credit unions for a long time. Some for partnerships in enabling their client base with merchant processing solutions or solutions like direct deposit payroll for internal use. Not too long ago a..

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