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Can an ACH API benefit your organization?

ACH payments and disbursements aren’t new. ACH payments have been around since 1974, and by the end of 2016, the total volume of ACH processing exceeded $40 trillion. If you have made monthly AutoPay payments for your mortgage, paid a credit card bill..

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Why an ACH option is a Must-Have for Recurring Billing

Payment collection is generally considered the most important business task and the most dreaded. A recurring billing solution is a fantastic tool to ease the burdens associated with payment collection by making your SaaS application user’s business..

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How Using Payments Processing Using ACH Can Help Your Business

From a previous post we have already covered exactly what an ACH is and the raw flow between a business and the banks. So what is Processing of ACH Payments? First let's quickly re-examine the role the banks play; specifically as it relates to..

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