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Agile Payments Interview with founder David Jay and how Payments have played a crucial role


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Agile Payments Interview with Online Contract Platform Founder David Jay


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Using Gaming Software to Motivate Sales People

Jeremey Boudinet likely touches on a subject that not every business professional is aware of: gaming software. Gaming software turns the tough job of inside sales into a game that tracks and rewards their performance on a dashboard that displays..

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Why You Should Hire People That Are Smarter Than You

Karol Zielinski puts it on the line and reminds business owners and managers that it’s okay to hire someone smarter than yourself. I’m willing to bet what he really means is that it’s important to hire capable people. You have to give someone credit..

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Why Square’s Greatest Ambition Has Become Its Biggest Threat

From  By KAREN WEBSTER , CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

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Bank of America’s Mobile Deposit Volume Booms 30%

Bank of America might be lagging some of its competitors in mobile banking user growth, but the bank is increasing its remote deposit business at an enviable rate. 

The bank said yesterday that 13% of its deposits last quarter — or roughly $4.5..

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This Israeli Startup Just Leapfrogged Everyone with Apple Watch Payments

24me, an elegant “personal organizer” app built in Israel, has quietly figured out how to facilitate payments via Apple Watch.

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BBVA Compass and Dwolla Launch Realtime Payment Service [Video]

From Bank Innovation

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